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Naughty Dog’s release of The Last Of Us has come with high acclaim thanks to its amazing graphics quality and excellent storytelling. When 180 came to us with the idea of transforming a real person into the game’s main character, Joel, we couldn’t have been more excited. With game play output that didn’t need any polishing, there was only one way to make a commercial for this title that was more than game footage yet held up the integrity of the graphics. With a great make up artist and plenty of prep, we went into a stage in Amsterdam and captured all the live action story elements we needed. Then we sat down in front of our computers for a number of weeks and made the transformation from human to CGI character seamless and brilliant. If we could have shrunk ourselves down and inserted our little bodies into the PS3 console to play this game as the CGI character, we would’ve done that too, but our developers are still working out the kinks on that process.

Sony Playstation - The Last Of Us 

180 / Amsterdam


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