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We are an integrated production company, creatively driven to make exciting experiences that engage real people. Working across four key disciplines of digital, film, animation & visual fx and experiential, we combine all of our expertise and variety of skills to deliver something special for each of our clients. And we love doing it.


When it comes to good old digital we love a great website, app or experience, and get over-excited about beautiful design, smart UX and brainy tech solutions.  

We are passionate about new technologies and are always looking at ways to keep ahead of the game so we try our best to shoe-horn dedicated R&D time in around our client projects – just so we’re ready for the next one.   

Our digital chops start with creative and design and go all the way through to development, build and testing.  

We can apply this to everything from websites, widgets and mobile apps to games, banners and social apps.


In terms of Live Action, with a hand-picked network of directors to call upon and an experienced team of producers we can cover a wide variety of styles and treatments.  

Together with our fully-equipped post-production facility we can do practically everything under one roof (end-to-end, as they say).   

The type of films we produce range from commercials to internet-only interactive movies and ‘viral films’ as well as branded content in all sorts of shapes and sizes.  

In addition to direction, we offer online and offline editing in-house as well as grading and sound/music through our network.

Animation & VFX

To sweeten the pot, our experience in animation and VFX means that we can broaden the range of what we produce even further, not only in linear content but also in digital and experiential projects, all without losing the ‘under-one-roof’ bit.  

Huddled together under this roof you can find skills like 2D special effects and compositing, 3D modeling and character animation, titling and motion graphics.  

The type of films we produce range from commercials to internet-only interactive movies and ‘viral films’ as well as branded content in all sorts of shapes and sizes.  


Our experiential work – sounds a bit like experimental and often is – covers the projects that don’t just live on the internetz or on our tv’s but often in the ‘real world’ as things we can touch, see, hear, smell and physically interact with.  

Examples range from 3D projections, touch-sensitive graphics, real-time rendering, audio responsive experiences, gesture-based displays, virtual reality and integrated installations that mix any or all of the things we’ve covered above.

Maarten Boon

Maarten Boon


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Andrew Watson


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Brian Bourke


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Fleur Schraven




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